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AvaCare is a different kind of PBM.

In recent years, Hospice providers focus on managing costs and optimizing clinical decision-making has increased. Some look to a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) for help.  However, many existing PBMs lack  the patient-care and customer service focus that is the desired way of doing business. That the “cookie-cutter” approach just didn’t fit the needs of Hospice providers. AvaCare is different.

AvaCare is a revolutionary kind of PBM, specifically designed to handle the clinical and financial challenges of hospices.  As one of the few privately-owned hospice PBMs, we’re able to base our clinical recommendations solely on what is best for the patient and what’s most cost-effective.  We know your staff doesn’t have time to be placed on hold, and having immediate access to a pharmacist specially trained in hospice pharmacy is important.

Quick and easy patient enrollment is essential along with minimizing your pharmacy costs.  At AvaCare, we provide you with top-notch clinical pharmacists who assist nurses with symptom management and pain control.  We partner with your local pharmacies to improve your patient care and reduce your medication expenses. AvaCare is able to deliver all these benefits with superior customer service that is rarely found in any market.